Since the resumption of Ali Akilu Dama Bungudu; the Zamfara State Internal Revenue Service has always strived to improve on the usage of modern technology to deliver swift service to Taxpayers irrespective of where they are located.

The Smart TCC and Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) is another technological innovation adopted to take off the bottleneck in the process of applying for and getting of Tax Clearance Certificate by taxpayers (Applicants).

This document will show the step-by-step method of Applying for TCC by taxpayers (Applicants) and the internal workflow that allows the approved Revenue Officer to verify and approve the TCC for it to be sent to the Applicants' supplied email address.

This is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Zamfara State is proud to introduce it to the public.


  1. Creating simplicity in TCC Process

  2. Remove the bottleneck encountered by revenue officers with respect to payment validation.

  3. Create comfortability for both Taxpayers (Applicants) and Revenue Officers.

  4. Introducing a smarter way to address tax matters.

Taxpayers Graphical Users Interphase (TGUI)

This is the aspect of the system that interacts with the taxpayers (Applicants). Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) has been introduced to track errors (knowing or unknowing) supplied by the Applicant in the process of Applying for the TCC.

Step 1

Applicants can visit our website www.zirs.zm.gov.ng and move your mouse or click on the menu “TAX FILLING” and click on Tax Clearance.


Visit www.zirs.zm.gov.ng/tcc/ 

Step 2

Select “TCC FOR” Individual (That is if you are applying as an Individual) or NonIndividual (If you are applying as a business Name).

Step 3

Select “TIN ISSUER” JTB (That is if you are having Joint Tax Board TIN) or ZIRS TIN(If you are having temporary TIN issued to you by ZIRS).

Step 4

Enter your TIN and click on the Validate Button. Note that if the TIN is invalid an error message will be displayed and you won't beagle to proceed to the next stage. If no error message then a form will be presented.

Step 5

This stage only appears if your TIN is valid. Applicant Name will be displayed in the text box (you cannot edit it) while the rest fields are editable. 

Kindly supply all necessary information, but to proceed you must enter a valid email address that is reachable

Note that you cannot use an email with a domain name that belongs to Zamfara State Internal Revenue Service. Our Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) will run a check to know if your email address can accept email or not.

Step 6

Select the TCC end year and the Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) will calculate three years backward as TCC years for you. 

Upon completion and no error spotted by our Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR), the applicant will see the proceed button that will navigate you to the next stage upon click.

Step 7

The First year will be displayed and the applicant will be asked to enter the Total income for the said year. 

Once the applicant enters it, the applicant will be asked to enter the amount you paid (if you have not paid simply send an email to tcc@zirs.zm.gov.ng so that you can be assessed and make possible payments). 

The system will then ask for the applicant receipt template number; enter the template number and our Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) will validate the template number. It will check if the template has been used already. 

Note: The Next Year can only present itself after the applicant must have passed the Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) screening.

Also, know that if the year does not apply to you just type in Zero all through.

Step 8

After the applicant must have passed the Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) screening, then a proceed button will be displayed along with any additional message(s) noted.

Then the applicant can click on the proceed button to upload his/her Passport.

Step 9

Choose the applicant's passport from the gallery or capture an image using your phone then click on Upload. A preview will be displayed and you will be asked to enter your source of Income. Type-in your Income Source and submit it for validation.

Step 10

After Validation by our Artificial Intelligent Robot (AIR) the applicant will be asked to confirm once again and if ok you click on the check box and submit.

An Email will be sent to the applicant's Inbox or Spam with a link to print your application slip whenever you want.

Applicants should Keep checking their email (Inbox or Spam Folder) for updated mail that can enable them to print their TCC.

A Revenue Office will contact any applicant via phone or email if there are any discrepancies spotted during the approval process.

Also, note that the applicant's passport is safe and cannot be indexed by Google Crawler so you do not have to be worried about the privacy of your image uploaded.